Mumbai Hosts India’s First Architecture Biennale: A Proud Moment For The Country

FAB Biennale, the country’s first architecture biennale, was hosted in Mumbai over the last weekend. Different locations across the city came alive with unique workshops, stimulating talks and conferences. Held from December 1-2, 2018, this is India’s first architecture biennale for innovators from the field of design and architecture. It is also the first such knowledge sharing platform.

The Speakers At The Event

FAB Biennale Is OPEN

FAB Biennale 2018-19, themed ‘OPEN’, saw international and national architects and designers of repute at the inaugural conference. Held at Famous Studios, Mumbai, Day 1 of the conference hosted luminaries like Mathilde Marengo, Bharath Sankaran and David Benjamin. Speakers such as Mick Timpson, Kate Ascher, Allison Dring, Michael Hansmeyer and Neil Leach took the stage on Day 2. All the speakers have, over the years, established compelling and disruptive designs globally.

The workshop topics ranged from Digitization In Construction With Robotics to Shaping The Future Of Cities; from Strength Through Geometry to Empowering The Inner Architect.  Keeping true to the theme of ‘OPEN’, the inaugural conference presented examples, proposals, elements of work at global standards to exemplify essential qualities of architecture. The audience became a witness to meticulously planned sessions on various topics based on modulation, richness and materiality of surface, the future of designing, global architecture and science of the past and history of the future.

Workshops: Studio 2.0

Studio 2.0

Along with the conference, the FAB Biennale hosted a series of workshops titled Studio 2.0. These special workshops, held on December 1 and 2, 2018, were conducted at multiple venues across Mumbai. School of Environment and Architecture (SEA) at Borivali and Indian School of Design & Innovation (ISDI) at Lower Parel hosted the two-day workshops. Topics ranged from Abstraction Of Light And Shadow to The How Of Tensile Structures.

The Future Is Here

As pointed out by Curator Sarita Vijayan, biennales are still a naive concept in India. But, the attempt through FAB Biennale is to bring the popular global concept to Mumbai and to the country. “This event is expected to exhort participants to be rigorous in their thoughts and creations and actively step out of their comfort zones. This would create an atmosphere where both, inclusivity and well-intentioned dissent thrive,” Vijayan tells us.

The city will be witness to a plethora of events and activities till February next year. FAB Biennale 2018-19 will showcase more workshops, installations, exhibitions and films over these next three months. The event will end with an awards ceremony — Disruptor in Design Awards — on February 28, 2019.


* Image Courtesy: For Young India

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