Emami Art: There’s A New Address In Kolkata For Artists & Art Connoisseurs

Emami Art, a multi-disciplinary interactive arts centre, opened doors in Kolkata recently. This 70,000 sq ft centre in the Culture Capital of India seeks to champion the art landscape of contemporary India. The Kolkata Centre for Creativity will host talk shows, exhibitions and retrospectives, focussing on Indian cultural heritage as well as traditional art. 

Welcome To Emami Art Centre

Emami Art
Kolkata Centre For Creativity Is A Certified Green Building

Emami Art, Kolkata Centre for Creativity, is a certified green building and designed as a seamless space. It uses elements of Indian architecture like the step well and local textures and materials.

Architect Pinakin Patel


Designed by Architect Pinakin Patel, the centre has six floors, each dedicated to different functions. Patel, who is also the Creative Director of the centre, has created an enthralling space for artists and art enthusiasts. Here, minimalistic designs are in unison with Indian modern aesthetics. Kolkata Centre for Creativity is the perfect space for exhibitions and interactions.

The Interactive Space 

The Amphitheatre

The ground floor is dedicated to a massive 10,000 sq ft Gallery. This space hosts curated exhibitions of regional, national and international artists of repute. The 1st floor or the Exhibition Space showcases art, craft, antiquity and product design. This continues on to the 2nd floor, with a dedicated area on Indian Handicrafts. The Amphitheatre on the first floor is meant for casual interactions and creative contemplation.


The 2nd floor houses the Imagination Area, the Restaurant Grace and the curated Gift Shop. Devdutt Pattanaik will soon be introducing works by Amruta Patil, Indian graphic novel author and painter, at the Imagination Area. The Conservation Studio, offering conservation services for the arts, is on the 3rd floor. The 4th floor has professional audio and video facilities for launches, talks and events. The Dance Studio, with a mirrored space for rehearsals, is also located on this floor.

The 5th and topmost floor has two libraries. While one has books, the other has materials to inspire new ideas. The Art Studio and Maker Section on this floor encourages users to develop skills as well as prototype ideas on digital and 3D printers and laser cutters.

Why Kolkata?

Richa Agarwal, CEO, Emami Art & KCC

Richa Agarwal, daughter-in-law of R S Agarwal, is the CEO of Emami Art. RS Agarwal is the Founder of the Emami Group along with R S Goenka. “The centre helps young artists and craftsmen showcase and sell their work.  Budding artists and designers can avail the 3D printer and laser cutter to create their own prototypes,” Richa tells us. Kolkata, with its rich cosmopolitan character, has long been a breeding ground for intellectual, political, and artistic movements. “Kolkata Centre for Creativity is a unique initiative not just for the Culture Capital of the country, but also for India. One of the largest and finest galleries in India, it will be the flagship destination for artists, visitors and art collectors.”

Ongoing & Upcoming Exhibitions

School: A Retrospective

Kolkata Centre for Creativity and Emami Art is hosting ‘School’, a retrospective of works by the late Dashrath Patel. The exhibition, on till January 6, 2019, features his line drawings, ceramics, collages and photography from 1950s – 2000s. Patel is known as India’s ‘Renaissance Man’.

Exhibitions of artists like Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, Ravinder Reddy, Jogen Chowdhury and Bose Krishnamachari will be held in 2019, which promises to be an exciting year.


* Photo Courtesy: Emami Art 

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